Marine style dress. Love it.

The others have a very unique, but still wearable style.

Gives you a sort of nostalgy, childhood memories and hippie feeling.

The colour combination and the texture of the 09 Fall Winter Collection it’s just like a fairytale.

About the designer:

“«Manoush?  Gipsy-like in my soul.  When I was little, it was already my nickname.  I must say I was just like a wild version of Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, with petticoats to my ankles, a sugar pink scarf tied in my hair, my arms covered with bracelets and other multicoloured charms: the shinier it was, the happier I felt.  The more alive I seemed.  This hunger for freedom I owe to the traveller community.  They’ve always fascinated me.  Their way of having fun, enjoying life to the full, thinking that anything is possible and every distant horizon within their grasp – what magic! “


It’s funny how I find a great dress by chance, and when I start to look at the designers’ webpage a whole new and exciting story comes alive.

It’s not just the dress, it’s the feeling which lies behind it.


~ by belezza on February 25, 2010.

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