Betsey Johnson

Here comes the spring!

Cute, youthful and very short…


“The fashion world has always loved Betsey Johnson’s whimsical personality and outrageous designs. But nobody would put money on her when she decided to start her own company. Could she really build a successful business around silver micro minis and pink tutus? Johnson thought so. It was the late 1970s, and punk rock was the rage. It was her big chance. So she scraped together some savings–including money she’d earned starring in a Bayer aspirin commercial–and, along with ex-model Chantal Bacon, started the Betsey Johnson clothing label.

Still a textbook workaholic at age 60, Johnson has no plans to retire, but she’s finally ready to smell the roses. To that end, she spends one week a month working from Betseyville, her Mexican vacation home, where she spends two hours each afternoon sunbathing on the shores of the Pacific. Looking back, Johnson is happy that she never attracted big investors or became part of a huge company. “We’re not brilliant, big-boy garmento movers and groovers,” she says, “but we’ve had a wonderful, enjoyable, panicked, crazy, happy time over the past 25 years–all because we own it.”–Nadine Heintz


~ by belezza on March 5, 2008.

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